The Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines of 2020

lure rigged to spinning rod

Fluorocarbon is one of the newer products available for fishing lines and has shown dramatic improvement over the years. It’s made from a unique polymer that gives it some special properties compared to other lines on the market. Fluoro offers some advantages that other lines just don’t have and is a great addition to anyone’s tackle.

Our Top Picks

#1 Seaguar Red Label (Best Overall)

#2 Sunline Super FC Sniper (Best Castability)

#3 Seaguar Abrazx (Best Abrasion Resistance)

#4 Seaguar Invizx (Best Flexibility)

#5 Berkley Vanish (Best Value)

Overview of fluorocarbon fishing line

This type of line, also called fluoro, is made from a single strand of polymer material. It is similar in construction to mono, but uses a special type of polymer called PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride). This polymer differs by including fluorine atoms in its structure to give it some unique properties not found in any other line.


  • Low Visibility – A clear line with a similar refractive index as water. This means light will pass right through it, making it almost invisible to fish. Great for making your lure presentations appear more natural and to not scare easily spooked fish.
  • Negative Buoyancy – Because it is the most dense line, fluoro will sink faster than other options. Great for working lures below the water’s surface like a deep diving crankbait. Will also improve sensitivity as there is less slack between the lure and rod tip.
  • Abrasion Resistance – Won’t break as easily when rubbing against rough objects in the water like rocks and logs. Gives the line extra durability, making it well suited for fishing in areas of heavy cover. 
  • Sensitivity – Many people credit fluoros sensitivity to having low stretch, but actually it stretches more than mono. The difference is it requires more force before it stretches as it’s more dense. This gives a more sensitive line with a controlled stretch.

Trade offs

  • Manageability – Less flexible and has more memory than other lines. Makes it harder to spool especially for spinning reels and more difficult to tie strong holding knots.
  • Thickness – A thicker line compared to something like braid. Thicker lines encounter more air resistance during casting which reduces your distance.
  • Price – PVDF costs a lot more than the nylon used in monofilament lines so it’s going to make for a much more expensive fishing line.

How to compare fluorocarbon fishing line

Fluorocarbon fishing lines are not all created equal. There are a whole heap of brands and products out there that are going to be promising the best casting most durable line available. Don’t get caught up in the sales pitch.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when comparing fluorocarbon fishing lines and how they are going to affect your fishing.

Abrasion Resistance

How tough a line is when it comes into contact with rough rocks and logs is always a big consideration. There are few things more frustrating than hooking a fish and your line snapping during the fight.

Having great abrasion resistance is always good, but it usually comes at a cost. You’ll often find more durable lines can be a little thicker and stiffer than lines with less abrasion resistance which affects how well they cast.


Now memory isn’t a good thing when it comes to fishing line. It refers to how the line remembers its coiled position. A high memory line is going to remain somewhat coiled after coming off the spool. This is less than ideal, as it causes the line to hit the guides more during casting. Friction is therefore increased and your cast distance is reduced.

A low memory line is going to come off the spool straighter. This allows it to pass through the guides more smoothly during the cast. Less friction is therefore generated and your line is going to be cast further.


How limp or stiff a line is refers to its flexibility. One of the limitations of fluorocarbon lines is that they are stiffer compared to monofilament or braided options. 

Stiffer lines are usually harder to handle and tie knots with. Less flexible lines are more of a problem with spinning reels, as they aren’t going to sit as well on the spool and will want to jump off.

A limper line is going to be easier to manage, tie strong holding knots and cast with.

Our picks for best fluorocarbon fishing line

Seaguar Red Label (Best Overall)

This fluorocarbon fishing line from Seaguar is an excellent all round performer. It offers solid strength, good abrasion resistance and decent flexibility. It has a middle range diameter of 0.01 inch for 10lb test so it’s also quite manageable. It’s higher tests work great with baitcasting reels and smaller tests will spool nicely on your spinning gear.

It’s not going to offer the ultimate best abrasion resistance or castability that premium specialised products will. But you can’t expect to either at this cheaper price point where it represents excellent value for money.

It comes in a slightly smaller test range than some other products ranging from 4-20lb. As with most fluorocarbons it only comes in clear color which is all you really need.


  • Good strength
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good flexibility
  • Great value


  • Good at everything, but not the best at anything
  • Slightly smaller test range available

Sunline Super FC Sniper (Best Castability)

The Super FC Sniper is an excellent line from Sunline. It’s a nice smooth line with low memory making it super manageable. It also offers good abrasion resistance making it quite a versatile line. All this supposedly due to a special triple resin process used in its manufacture. Sunline doesn’t provide too much information on the specifics but whatever it is, it seems to be working.

The main downside of this line is its cost. A premium line like this unfortunately comes in a bit more expensive than standard fluorocarbon. But as with many things when it comes to fishing, you get what you pay for.

Super FC Sniper comes in a range of tests from 2-30lb. It also comes in natural green colour which can give you extra invisibility when fishing ultra clear water conditions.


  • Excellent manageability
  • Great castability
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Great for spinning and baitcaster reels
  • Available in clear and natural green colour


  • More expensive

Seaguar Abrazx (Best Abrasion Resistance)

Abrazx from Seaguar is a step up from their Red Label line. This line is designed specifically for hitting the heavy cover with confidence, offering superb abrasion resistance. What’s great is that it doesn’t achieve this by increasing the line’s diameter. It comes in at a pretty standard 0.010 inch for a 10lb test meaning you’re not paying for that abrasion resistance with decreased aerodynamics.

However, the price you do pay is that Abrazx is going to be a bit stiffer, making it less manageable. Your wallet is also going to pay a little extra too.

It comes in tests between 4-25lb with only a clear option available.


  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Great strength
  • Doesn’t have excessively large diameter


  • Stiffer and less manageable
  • More expensive

Seaguar Invizx (Best Flexibility)

This line is the Abrazx’s softer, more supple cousin. Its design is more shifted towards a more manageable and castable line. It has less memory so will be more suited to spinning reels compared to other fluorocarbon options. The extra handleability is also going to make tying strong holding knots easier. It also comes in at a moderate 

The downside of this is that it’s not going to be as abrasion resistant as other fluoros out there. So Invizx is going to be better suited for lighter cover. But overall it’s a great line that doesn’t come in at a premium price.

Seaguar Invizx comes in a range of tests between 4-25 lb and is only available in a clear option.


  • Great flexibility and manageability
  • Great castability
  • Lower memory
  • Good knot strength


  • Less abrasion resistance

Berkley Vanish (Best Value)

One of the more off putting things of fluorocarbon is its price compared to other lines. So if you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Berkley Vanish offers great value. It’s going to give you decent castability, abrasion resistance and knot strength.

The downside is it comes in a slightly larger diameter compared to the other lines presented here. The 10lb test comes in a 0.011 inch. This will make it a little less manageable. Overall its a solid line, but does not stand out as an exceptional performer in any aspects.

It comes in a great range of tests from 2-60lb and only comes in a clear option.


  • Great value
  • All round performer
  • Great range of tests
  • Offers all the benefits you’d expect from a fluoro


  • Slightly larger diameter
  • Doesn’t stand out in any particular aspect

How to choose the right fluorocarbon line for you


The strength of your fishing line is called the test or weight of the line. It is a measure of how much weight the line can hold before breaking.

Ideally you will want to use the lightest test possible to catch your target fish. Lighter tests are thinner so you will get the advantages of a more castable and manageable line. If you are unsure about which test to use, a good guideline can be to choose a rating close to the weight of the fish.

You also need to match the strength of your line to your reel and rod. The range of suitable tests for these will usually be printed on them somewhere. Stick to these guides as much as possible. Using too light a test can result in excessive line breaks. Too heavy of a test can cause damage to your reel or rod as they are not designed for holding that high a force.


The length of line you want to purchase will mostly depend on your reel. Like the line strength, a maximum length of line will be specified for the reel. This length of line is specific to the test. For example, a capacity of 12lb/160yds means that the reel has capacity for 160yds of 12lb line.

Try to stay as close to this length as possible. Underspooling will reduce your casting distance. as the line has to climb the rim of the spool more during the cast. You don’t want to overspool either, which is especially a problem when using fluorocarbon. Because fluoro is stiffer and has more memory, it’s easier for the line to not sit properly on the spool and jump off. This results in more tangles and can be very frustrating.

You can also buy larger bulk lengths of fluoro which are usually going to decrease the cost per yard. Unlike mono, fluoro doesn’t have a short shelf life. So if you use or want to use fluoro frequently, bulk purchases can be a good option. It also gives you some extra length to make things like leaders.

Tips for using fluorocarbon fishing line

Fluoro can be a little less friendly to use compared to other types of line. Here are some great tips to help you get the most out of it.

  • Spooling – When you are spooling, make sure you match the memory of the line. This will make sure it sits nicely on the spool and be less likely to jump off the spool and cause tangles. Not over spooling your spinning reel is also going to help prevent this from happening.
  • Conditioning – Using line conditioner for your fluoro lines will be a game changer. It’s a special polymer blend that when applied to your line, makes it nice and smooth to reduce friction and increase casting distance. It also reduces line memory which can be a problem with fluorocarbon. Give your spooled line a spray the day before hitting the water.
  • Tying Knots – Securing your line with a quality, strong holding knot is critical for fluoro. Many people have their own personal preference, but it’s not just the type of knot that matters. The execution is just as important. You need to be careful to minimise friction as much as possible which will heat up the line, damage it and cause it to fail when you need it most. The palomar knot is a popular choice and holds well when tied correctly. Check out the video below for some valuable tips.


Fluoro is a specialised fishing line that offers some unique advantages over other lines available. We recommend Seaguar Red Label as the best all round performing fluorocarbon fishing line. If you are looking for a more specialised line that excels in other aspects the other lines are going to make an excellent addition to your tackle.